"Called"--A Youth Musical

Sunday, February 25, 2024--For a wonderful and meaningful worship experience, our young (and young at heart!) people presented "Called," a musical by Mark Burroughs, which resulted in a special donation to the Wallingford Animal Shelter.

The musical tells the story of how people can begin to recognize how God calls them to be in the world. 

The kids delivered a wonderful message, through words and song, to do the right thing--to help others, to recognize one's own gifts, to tell the truth and to work for change.  We are called to stand up for those who are bullied, to stand for peace and kindness, to "stand for each child of God's own making. We will stand, we will lend a helping hand. We will stand up until no one ever stands alone." 

As part of the play, the congregation had been asked in advance to bring some loose change, which the kids collected as a donation to the Wallingford Animal Shelter.  $461.23 was collected!

The final song encouraged us to be "Worthy! Worthy of the calling I have received...to be tireless, to be fearless, being my best to serve those in need."

We give thanks to the young people and adults, guided by our Music Minister, Jeanette, for their gifts of song, music and the valuable lesson of honoring the call of God.

The kids were then proud and delighted to go to the Animal Shelter and present their donation to help "change the world".

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