Our Campus - How to Get Around

The Sanctuary is at the corner of Center and South Main Streets. Built in 1869, our Victorian sanctuary is a spacious, two-story balconied area seating approximately 600 people. As well as worship, our sanctuary is regularly used for concerts, weddings and funerals.

You can enter by the front doors on South Main Street, or if you park in the back, you can enter at the parking lot doors, take a left when you enter the hallway, and the elevator is on your left. You can also go up the back stairs to your right, take a left at the top of the stairs, and that hallway leads to the Sanctuary.

The Church Office is to the left of the church, in a white three-storied house. The church administrator and minister's office and church library are accessed through the church office.

You can enter from the front door on South Main Street.

If you need handicapped access, you enter by the back door, take the elevator and go right through 2 sets of doors, the library and another set of doors. Since the back door is often locked during the week for safety, please call ahead at 203-265-1691 so the doors can be unlocked for you.

The Meetinghouse is a three story brick building to the left of the Church Office; the first and second floors are currently being rented. The Barnes Community Room, located at the lower level, is available to rent for community-based meetings. Contact the church office for more information. The Barnes Community Room is handicap accessible.

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