Wallingford Workcamp 2018--A Blessed Experience

Our church, in partnership with the non-profit Group Mission Trips, hosted a work camp here in town from July 8-14, 2018.  

The mission of the Wallingford Workcamp Team was to help under-served local families, providing 54 residents in the community with needed home repairs.

Approximately 350 youth and adults from all over the country came to Wallingford for this mission.  They stayed at Sheehan High School, where they participated in activities and faith experiences together.  

This work camp also provided the Town of Wallingford with the opportunity to study emergency preparedness practices.  They also made donations to Master's Manna and the local homeless shelter.

We are so grateful for the community support which made this mission a wonderful success.  So many gave of their time, treasure and expertise to make this all possible.

So many church members came out to welcome the campers with pizza and other snacks, and made hundreds and hundreds of cookies. 

To learn more about this project, visit the Wallingford Workcamp 2018 site at Wallingford Workcamp Team.

Or you can check out this video from Fox 61 to get a sense of how valuable this project was to all who were involved. 

This video offers wonderful insight into the experience from one of our camper's point of view.

Here is a link to the Wallingford Workcamp FaceBook page for wonderful pictures and a sense of all that happened.

This was a wonderful opportunity to serve God and our neighbors; thanks to all who made July 8-14 a blessed time in Wallingford, Connecticut.

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