Sherry Perkowski Retires; Pam and Heidi's Last Sunday

After many years of service as our Sexton, Sherry Perkowski is retiring at the end of June. Her work among us was celebrated on June 24 at the 10:00 a.m. service.

It was also Pam Perkowski and Heidi Bonassar's last Sunday as Co-Superintendents of our Church School, and we again thanked them for their ministry to our children.

Sherry and her husband John have worked tirelessly--in ways both seen and unseen--to insure that our facility was well cared for.  Besides the usual cleaning of all the spaces in three buildings, they assisted in setting up and taking down tables and chairs for meetings and events, and worked behind the scenes at weddings and funerals to make sure everything ran smoothly.   We give thanks for all they have done in service to our church, and wish them a blessed retirement. 

Pam and Heidi offered a child-centered, imaginative and God-centered program to our children. They organized church school teachers and set up fun rotational Sundays. They brought care for each and every child and family. Our church is blessed to have had them minister to our children for so many years, and we wish them well.

After the service, there was delicious cake to celebrate Sherry, Pam, and Heidi's long-time ministries to our church.  They will all be sorely missed.

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