Palm Sunday 2109

Palm Sunday worship at our church is a very special moment in the church year. We begin the walk through Holy Week alongside Jesus on the journey of the last week of his life, which culminates with the joyful good news of Easter Sunday.

We have wonderful Palm Sunday traditions.  With three choirs and the entire congregation, we sing The Palms by Faure'.

The children gather at the steps to hear the story of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem, each with a palm to wave.  The mood is one of excitement and hope.

At the end of the Palm Sunday service, we transition to Holy Week, with the entry of the cross accompanied by a solist singing "The Via Dolorosa."  This powerful and moving ceremony sets us alongside Jesus as we walk alongside him towards the sorrows which lay ahead.

The rough hewn cross, fashioned from our Christmas tree, presides over Holy Week and reminds us of God's love for us and the hope to come with Easter morning.

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