Cafe' Conversations

Over three sessions of Cafe' Conversations, church members gathered for delicious food and meaningful conversation as we discussed what God is calling us to do and be in our time.  The conversations were honest, full of laughter and insights as we shared our ideas and thoughts about what it means to be the church in our current culture.

We are Congregationalists, and what that means is "We are the church." There is no bishop or higher entity to determine our course. We determine how we worship, how we educate our children, where we spend our treasure, how we participate in missions and how we want to be the hands and face of God in our communities.

What do we bring, as God's people, to face the challenges of our time and place? How do we live out where the Holy Spirit is calling us?

This gathering encouraged our appreciation and creativity.  We let ourselves imagine our bright, colorful future and aspire to what God is calling us to be.  We talked, shared stories and experiences, and scribbled it all down on paper. 

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