Church School

The Board of Christian Education is honored to provide opportunities for education and faith formation to our children and youth. Our mission is to teach Christian values and our faith in a fun, safe environment. We passionately believe that the children are our future, as well as our today. We are a very blessed church community with children who are well-loved and eager to learn, and for that we rejoice.

We are fortunate to have a thriving Church School program. We offer special care for children in our nursery program and more formal instruction for Pre-K through Grade 8.

Church School is in full session from the second Sunday of September (Catch the Spirit Sunday) through the third Sunday in May, just before Memorial Day Weekend.

Except for the first Sunday of each month, children are invited to worship with their parents for an opening portion of the 10:00 a.m. worship service. After the Children's Message, they go to their church school classes.

The students enjoy a rotational classroom experience on the first Sunday of the month; they begin in their classrooms and then gather together in Congregational Hall for special activities.

Church School Classes end at 11:15 a.m.

We would be happy to provide you with a Church School Handbook that highlights the Church School calendar, teachers, classroom locations, Youth Groups and choir information. Handbooks are available in the church office and the Church School office.

We begin our Church School Year on Catch the Spirit Sunday!

Catch the Spirit Sunday is our fun way to begin the Church School year.

Church School classes resumed for the 2018-2019 program year on September 9, but if you are interested in registering your child for this year after that date, please see the attached Registration Form below.

If you have any interest in the rewarding experience of teaching or co-teaching a church school class this year, please contact Rev. Margaret Jay or leave a message at the Church Office.

Church School Curriculum

Our Church School curriculum is called "Shine," which offers creative hands-on activities that open up the stories of our faith and helps us let God's love shine in our lives. We add exciting enrichments to the classroom experience each year with the hope that the students will enjoy their time learning about our church and the teachings of our faith. All grades also enjoy rotational experiences that allow them to create art, explore stories, and even cook some Bible-based creations!

We also strive to teach the children to help others when they can, involving them in mission and outreach: they collect supplies for Master's Manna, our soldiers overseas, and our local homeless shelter, as well as other projects.

Learning Goals

Parents are encouraged to support the Church School teachers by working with their children at home on the following learning goals:

Pre – K Prayers & Graces
Kindergarten     The Lord’s Prayer
Grade 1 Gloria Patria
The Lord’s Prayer
Grade 2 Doxology
Grade 3 Baptism
Psalm 23
Grade 4 First five books of Old & New Testaments
Grade 5 Ten Commandments
Jesus’s Commandments
Grade 6 Psalm 100
Holy Week
Grade 7 Order of Worship
Grade 8 Sacraments of the Church
Liturgical Seasons

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