Men's Ministry

If you're looking for a deep theological discussion on the finer points of the Old Testament, the Men's Ministry might not be your first choice. However, if you're looking for fellowship with men of all ages who heed the Scrutinizer's advice "to stick closer to church-oriented social activities", then join us. Like gatherings throughout the ages, many of ours tend to revolve around food and other distractions.

Lest you think we're promoting sloth and gluttony, we also gather to share our talents. Twice a year we take a pilgrimage to Silver Lake to perform maintenance on the Herbie Knight building. With the help of the Hazelwood family (they have some cool toys!) we fell a Christmas tree and install it in the church sanctuary.

The group is open to men of all ages, though some activities might be more appropriate for "men of a certain age". That's not to say we can't have a positive influence on the younger men in our congregation, who have enjoyed our ministry together.

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