Stewardship Sunday May 16, 2021

Here we are coming out of a time most have never seen, never anticipated, and would never want to see again. To varying degrees all have struggled with the uncertainly of it all yet the Sunday Services continued as a touchstone of our faith and spirituality giving strength and comfort as we faced another week.

On May 9th our doors reopened, with caution, but with gladness.

On May 16th they will be open again...for a special day.

Sunday, May 16th, 2021 is Stewardship Sunday at the First Congregational Church.

Stewardship Day at the First Congregational Church is the day in which we choose to celebrate God's many gifts to us with our generosity in return.

Stewardship Day is the day we choose to commit our generosity to the congregation for the support of those so helped through the good works and programs throughout the year.

Stewardship Day is the day we will safely collect the pledge forms you bring, email, mail, or send in utilizing the online giving. You can click on the On-line giving button here on the website as well.

So please join your congregation on this day in celebrating the many blessings we experience in our lives.

With Thanks,
Your Stewardship Committee

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A thought to live by:
Giving is an act, and generosity is an attitude. Generosity involves a willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of others personally. Giving is merely the act of abandoning something of value. While giving can be done without being generous you cannot be generous and not give.
Author unknown

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